Welcome to my website and my adventure in life

As a sufferer of M.E./Chronic Fatigue for many years, I have now fully recovered and live a full and fulfilling life. I am now passing on my knowledge and expertise to others so they can recover and regain their lives from these debilitating disorders.

I am a qualified Counsellor and M.E./Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Recovery Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach. I have also undertaken training with The Chrysalis Effect Programme. I work nationally and internationally (on Skype, Zoom and phone) with clients with wide and varied difficulties in their lives, ranging from anxiety, depression and addictions, to general life issues.

If ever you feel stuck in your life (I know that feeling well!) and need a guiding hand to help you through, then I consider it a privilege to provide you with a safe, respectful and nurturing environment to explore your difficulties and move towards creating the life you want.

I am a single parent of two wonderful young men who have journeyed with me through the ups and downs of 21st century living in the UK.

I live in beautiful Cornwall, right by the sea, where the living is good and the sea and environment feeds my soul.

My mission is to enjoy and appreciate my life, be present and live in the moment and help as many people as I can to create a life they love and enjoy.

Elizabeth Samber

M.E./CFS/Fibromyalgia Specialist Practitioner
Wellbeing Coach