Pregnancy and childbirth did it for me – the final straws that broke this camel’s back. What followed was years of unbelievable exhaustion and pain.

My life became the life of an M.E. sufferer, of relentless pain, fatigue, malaise and many other associated symptoms. A life lived through brain fog and misery.

But, somewhere, inside of me a little voice said ‘You can recover from this’. A small voice against the many voices of doctors and experts who were telling me that I would have this for life and could even end up in a wheelchair.

During my many years of illness I went from practitioner to doctor to consultant, tried many treatments and spent a lot of money in my quest to get well.A few things helped but I still didn’t fully recover, I was still very ill.

The final key came when I found T.C.E. (The Chrysalis Effect). I found them online, doing one of my many Google searches, and I was amazed. Here was someone finally talking about recovery, and, furthermore, there was a step by step, affordable, online programme that I could follow! I enrolled and embarked on the course, eager to get well. It was life changing, the programme and the support I received from Elaine Wilkins, the founder of T.C.E. set me on the road to recovery, and I never looked back.

The road was hard, and difficult at times, as I needed to make several changes in my life, but with the wonderful support and my desire to recover, here I am now, a qualified, specialist Chrysalis Effect Practitioner helping others to turn their lives around and recover from the debilitating and devastating chronic exhaustive conditions of M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

I wanted to help other sufferers of these conditions to get their life back so I enrolled on the The Chrysalis Effect’s Foundation Course, and subsequently their Specialist Practitioner Course so that I could reach out and give fellow sufferers hope and the inspiration to change their lives and recover.

As a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor, the training gave me an added dimension to my work with clients and a specialism that I have personal experience from and a passion for. It perfectly complements my work and is now my main focus in life. To help, support, guide and inspire others to recover from these conditions and get their life back to how they want it to be is my life purpose.

This is what Elaine Wilkins and The Chrysalis Effect have given me, my health, my life purpose and my dream working with others to help them to live the lives they desire. I love my work and I now love my life, am fully present in it and look forward to the many adventures that are yet to unfold.

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Namaste, with love to you all.