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Person-centred counselling can help individuals of all ages with a range of personal issues. We all have times in our lives when circumstances may be challenging and we find ourselves stressed, anxious or depressedAs a qualified counsellor, I offer a private, quiet space where you can explore your difficulties and move to a place where you feel more in control of your own life. Free of judgement, I will work with and help you recognise your own capacity for self-healing and personal growth.

If you are someone who has a strong desire to explore yourself and your feelings, and perhaps would like to address specific psychological habits or patterns of thinking, then this non-directive style of counselling would be of particular benefit to you. 


The core purpose of the person-centred approach is to facilitate your own ‘actualising tendency’ (self-actualisation is the belief that all humans will pursue what is best for them). This type of therapy facilitates your personal growth and relationships by allowing you to explore and utilise your own strengths and personal identity. As your counsellor it is my role to aid this process and provide vital support.  Many people find it an appealing type of therapy because it allows them to keep control over the content and pace of sessions, and they do not need to worry that their therapist will be evaluating or judging them in any way.

Therapy is offered in a neutral and comfortable setting where you can feel at ease, authentic and open to learning about yourself. In this way, the approach offers you the opportunity to counteract past experiences that have affected your sense of self-worth. 

In some approaches, the therapist and their observations are deemed ‘expert’. The person-centred approach moves away from this idea and instead trusts you and your innate tendency as a human bring to find fulfilment of your own personal potential.  


  • Closer agreement between your idealised and actual self. 
  • Better self-understanding and awareness. 
  • Decreased defensiveness, insecurity and guilt. 
  • Greater ability to trust oneself. 
  • Healthier relationships. 
  • Improvement in self-expression. 
  • Overall, a healthy sense of change. 


This approach has been found particularly useful in helping individuals to overcome specific problems such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and alcohol addictions. These issues can have significant impact on self-esteem, self-reliance and self-awareness. Utilising person-centred therapy can help individuals to reconnect with their inner self in order to transcend any limitations.  

You can find out more by visiting The British Association for the Person- Centred Approach

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