Recovery is possible. Register your interest in our health and well-being workshops for people with CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia.

 ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery Workshops
Newquay, Cornwall

I am passionate that as many people as possible have access to the tools for recovery, so these ME/CFS Recovery Workshops are designed to provide you with the right resources to help you on your journey.

With so much information out there it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. The truth is there isn’t just a “one size fits all” cure. These multi-faceted conditions require a multi-faceted approach. Not only do you need to make small changes and build the right foundation, sometimes you need to take a step back and seek changes on a deeper and more fundamental level.

Having “been there, done that and got the t-shirt” (and knowing many others who have also been there), I know how overwhelming it can be.

These workshops are designed to give you a starting point- to ‘jump right in’ and change one thing right now. My ME/CFS Recovery Workshop Programme gives you the tools and information you need to begin your journey back to health and wellness.

How It Works

Each month we focus on a different ‘topic’: giving you the knowledge, tools and support to aid recovery and improve mental, emotional and physical well-being. Workshops are delivered and structured as a course, and ideally you should sign up for all eleven workshops. However if you prefer, you can book onto individual workshops. Sessions run roughly every four weeks, with the idea being that after each workshop you commit to making one or two changes in the area discussed. Over the course of the year,  you should see improvements in your health and well-being.

Each workshop is limited to 12 participants, so please book as soon as possible!

Topics and Dates

  1. Overview
  2. Nutrition- Food
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Emotional and Psychological Health
  5. Movement and Exercise
  6. Life Purpose
  7. Relationships
  8. Environment
  9. Nutrition- supplementation
  10. Pacing
  11. Closing

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