Wellness coaching offers inspiration, motivation, problem solving strategies and insights. It empowers you to make the changes needed to improve your life and fulfil your potential.

create the life you want

As a wellness coach, I provide positive support and encouragement, within a safe and confidential space, helping you to explore your aims and goals in life and work out clearly defined strategies to achieve the outcomes you want. Coaching can be used in many areas of life, both professional or personal. It is a technique that has a proven track record to help you achieve the goals you set.


  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Planning and getting organised
  • Working on blockages and facing your fears
  • Creating financial security and independence, perhaps through making more money or getting a promotion
  • Balancing work and personal life; finding more time to do the things that you enjoy
  • Finding the ideal career or start your own business
  • Working on developing and improving better inter-personal relationships; whether in love, with family or friends
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Making an important life transition, for example relocating
  • Identifying your core values and passions; fulfilling personal and emotional needs
  • Improving health and well-being and making lifestyle changes

You could benefit from the structure, advice, and support of a life coach. We all need a helping hand sometimes and despite our best intentions, we will often meet challenges that can block out path to success. My role as a life coach is to help keep you on track.


  • The process focusses on the present and your goals for the future. The aim is to help you move forward and set personal and/or professional goals that will help you create the life you really want.
  • Helps YOU decide what works for you, irrespective of the expectations of family, friends and society.
  • We set realistic and achievable goals at a pace that suits you. Once you begin to move forward and see progress, this creates momentum and further motivation.
  • You will often develop new skills, as well as improving confidence and faith in yourself, which can only lead to greater success.
  • Life coaching provides a structure of support and accountability.

Life coaching is not therapy. Coaches do not work on past-based issues or traumas. However, though the process of life coaching, we may uncover unresolved past issues, that are likely to be acting as blockages to your ability to move forward. As a qualified person-centred counsellor, I am also able to offer you specialised support to work through those challenges and issues, should you wish.
I am available to work face-to-face, on the phone, or over Skype

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